Money Coaching is a Unique Approach to Simple Financial Planning That Can Rewire Your Brain For Wealth and Financial Freedom

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I recently had the opportunity to work with Pru in her money coaching program and it was exactly what I needed to see what was really going on, what I was doing and how I could work to change old habits and beliefs. She is so personable, knowledgeable and has created a fantastic way to really help you open up to all abundance opportunities in your life! 

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Master Your Mindset, Master Your Money!

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Prudence Moneypenny CMC

About Prudence Moneypenny

I am a parent, an entrepreneur, a writer, blogger, bargain hunter, queen of money makeovers, money coach, finance fairy, qualified financial adviser with over 10 years experience in financial education, debt destruction and wealth building. I am an eternal student, dreadful cook, NLP Practitioner and aspiring gardener.

I am Ireland’s first and only Certified Money Coach (CMC)® from the Money Coaching Institute.

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