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Let's talk about all things money.

Aoife is a Certified Behavioural Money Coach (CMC), Accredited Business All Stars Thought Leader, professional speaker and writer, former financial adviser. She combines all of these elements into a holistic and balanced approach to coaching.

Do you ever feel that there is too much month at the end of your money? Aoife has created a unique and personalised framework to empower women to take control of their own financial freedom. Everything is about you and what you want to do. Her programmes will sparkle your spending, bring wealth to your wallet and magic to your money. Click below for a complimentary 15 minute session.

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Master your relationship with money and live an empowered life

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Money coaching is for everyone who wants to be financially independent of their partner, parents and place of employment. Our aim is to encourage women to reclaim their financial power. In general women live longer and earn less than men over an average lifetime. Sorting out "your money stuff" takes time and I can show you simple, savvy shortcuts to make life easier.

A sneak peak at what we cover in coaching

  • Money coaching gently explores and uncovers why you are how you are with money. It aims to act as a bridge between the world of personal finance and psychology. Through a step by step process, we identify your unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviours around money. Money blocks come from our current self-limiting beliefs formed as children, that are rarely true.

  • A money map is your personal path to wealth.

    A money map can help you to:

    * See what comes in and goes out

    * Sparkle your spending

    * Tweak your leaks

    * Create an "I've got this covered" fund

    * Ditch your debt

    * Work on your wealth

  • Information is power.

    But knowledge is empowerment.

    Money coaching can show you how to use the information provided to make your money work for you.

    Disclaimer: Always get independent, expert advice before making any financial decisions.

Tell me more

  • Money coaching is a unique process that combines practical advice with tested psychological principles along with universal spiritual beliefs that will help you transform your relationship with YOUR money and yourself.

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  • Women, couples and groups. If you answer YES to any of the questions above, money coaching may be for you. • Do you feel that you are drowning in money stresses? • If you think about money, does it bring up negative emotions? • Do you feel unsupported by the responsibility of managing your money? • Would you like to feel better about your money and yourself? • Are you ready to make smash through your conscious money blocks? Book a complimentary call with me.

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  • This is a unique type of coaching that can literally transform your relationship with money by examining your patterns of behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. Money coaching can help identify and transform your current consciousness and replace it with positive awareness and abundant thoughts. Click “I’m in” to find out more.

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Praise for Pru

  • Working with Aoife has been a life changing experience for me. She helped me see the strengths I never saw in myself, she taught me to value myself, she guided me to shift my limiting mind-set and she provided me with resources and materials that helped me learn, develop and grow.

    I liked the way Aoife kept things real and very practical in her classes; she has a knack for relating with people regardless of their diverse financial experience. I will recommend Aoife at the drop of a hat because she genuinely cares for people and always willing to listen. She is simply amazing.

    Adaku Ezeudo Success coach and author
  • Working with Aoife has given me the opportunity to recognise how my money can work for me, rather than me working for my money.

    The sessions I completed enabled me to get really clear on my financials, you know those scary things....and now having dissolved my blocks I feel more relaxed and confident in managing my finances.

    I would highly recommend working with Aoife to support your financial journey.

    Laura Murphy, Love Your LIfe Yoga teacher and health coach

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