Jan 2020 – this is my year

March 2020 – ???????? WTF?

This is the second year I have decided to publish my annual review and goals for the upcoming year.  There were definitely holes in my goals but awareness is the key to success.

Things got off to a great start. I was journaling daily (I still am). I was writing down my goals twice daily and really focused on new and exciting projects and then the world temporarily fell apart. This post was written prior to March 2020.

2019 review by life category:


  • I publically and legally married my soul mate on Friday 13th September 2019.
  • We had a private handfasting ceremony on 21st December 2018 to cement our relationship before making a public declaration.


I was honoured to be one of the co-authors and Head of Author Relationships for Activate Your Life Volume 2 which was an international #1 bestseller, published in Dec 2019.

I featured on some major radio stations and also Learn From Leaders.


  • I am still working on increasing my multiple streams of earned and passive income.  There is more about this in Financial Freedom Explained.
  • My signature “Money Magic – Make Your Money Work For You” class secured additional funding through the ETB and ran at several new venues. The class continues to be FREE.
  • I continue to use my favourite software, YNAB, to manage my personal money and I have upgraded to using Wave for business.
  • I had a figure for our September wedding and we came in UNDER budget. I will reveal how in my next book.
  • I moved my business bank account from a mainstream bank that was costing me money to N26 which is free.

Home Life

  • Things are very different now that there is an extra person at Pru HQ which necessitated yet another huge declutter to make space.
  • I carve out time for myself, my husband and my son; separately and together.
  • We had our first family holiday together in Bulgaria.
  • I had the garden landscaped which was a goal from 2018. It was a big investment however, it has added so much value to my mind and my home. I have an extra “room” for my growing family and it brings me so much joy to be outside.

Personal Development


  • I celebrated my 50th birthday with my husband and my son – in the A&E department of the local hospital. My husband gashed his head and had to be carted off by ambulance. He was well enough to help me eat coffee walnut cake.
  • My son secured a place in college to study graphic design.


  • I continued being an active volunteer first aid trainer and emergency first responder with St John Ambulance, Castleknock.
  • I have yet to complete my ambulance driver assessment.

What did not go well

  • I still have a mental obstacle to creating an online programme. This is an area of mental paralysis for me.
  • I did not reach my income goal probably because of the lack of an online programme but I continue to pay myself first using the Profit First method.

Areas for improvement

  • Find more ways to carve out time for me and actually do something nice for myself instead of constantly working.
  • Learn to drive that ambulance!

We often overestimate what we can do in a day but underestimate what we can do in a week.

Goals for 2020

  • Take a holiday/honeymoon with my husband – without our respective children.
  • Improve my web site to take payments online and showcase my media presence.
  • Become a professional member of the Professional Speaking Association.
  • Write, finish and publish my next book “So, I married a soldier“.