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The lazy person’s guide to getting more done

Do you often wish you had more time?  This is the lazy person’s guide to getting more done.

I love leverage; doing more with less and doing multiple things at the same (not multitasking) but being more efficient with my time with no extra effort.

My son is a distance runner and I was really struggling to fit in his training along with everything else in our lives.  The tiny dot in the distance is him preparing for his next road race.

I hate running but I really love walking and while I’m walking I like to listen to audible or something uplifting.

We can both fit in activities that we enjoy, he runs and I walk along at a sedate pace.  If he wants company or someone to carry his jumper, he runs back to me.  We both get headspace and I can listen to audible in peace.

To really make the most of my time, before we head out, I fling some food in my slow cooker so that the food is ready later on.  If I want it ready when I come in, I switch it to high, otherwise, the low setting works best.

Sometimes the easy way to get more done is simply to do less.


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