activate your life book coverHere are 26 random facts from A to Z that you might not know about me.

A – I am a three-time international best-selling author.

B – I make ice cream using frozen bananas.  I love books.

C – I detest cats, chaos and clutterBooks are not clutter.

D – I tolerate dogs, just about.

E – My eyes are hazel.  My husband and I eloped and then we had a humanist ceremony with actual guests

F – My philosophy is “if it does not fit, flatter, function or fill you with joy, fling it out”.

G – I’d struggle to find my way out of a paper bag without Google maps.

H – I love wearing woolly hats, even if they play havoc with my hairMy husband and my son are hoarders.

I – I am an introvert.  

J – I did a tandem parachute jump from 10,000 feet in 1994.

K – I like kale crisps.

L – I love my family.  I also love the peace and quiet when they go out.  We currently live in a very small house.   I am frequently hiding in libraries.

M – I am a money mindset mentor, money expert and minimalist.

N -My favourite nuts are walnuts dipped in marmite.  I am an NLP practitioner.

O -I have an opinion on most things, I might not share it.  The difference between an opinion and a pizza is that you asked for pizza.

P – I take rotten photographs.  My favourite colour is purple.

Q -I usually prefer quality over quantity unless it’s books.

R – I love walking in the rain with my woolly hat.

S – I don’t like shopping for clothes, I like shopping for books.

T – My wedding ring is tungsten and amethyst.  

U – I am unconventional.  I don’t have an umbrella.

V – I am very unconventional and I have a strong voice.

W – My favourite mantra – I am a healthy, wealthy, woman.

X – I don’t know how to play the xylophone.

Y – There are free resources on my Youtube channel.

Z – I drove around New Zealand in a camper van that I could not reverse so I had to do really big circles in really big car parks.

How many random facts can you reveal about yourself?  Give it a whirl.

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