I still have some questions

Hequestion markre is a list of questions I am often asked and ask myself.

Why do you use a pen name?

Why not?  Lots of amazing writers use and have used pen names for different reasons, eg. CS Lewis, JK Rowling, George Orwell, Jean Plaidy, Anne Rice - this list is too long to complete.

Using pen names (I use more than one) allows me to write as that personality. I write about many different subjects in different voices.  It would be a marketing manager's nightmare to have to try and put them all under the one umbrella.

I'm also extremely camera shy but I do occasionally put videos on my YouTube channel.

Everyone seems to be a coach these days, why would I need one?

You probably don't need one, no one really needs anything except food, water and shelter.

Coaching is an optional extra to help you enhance your life.  You can't coach yourself.  I should know, I have tried unsuccessfully.  When I go into a bookshop, the first section I gravitate to is the self help section.  I have read countless books on personal development. Books provide theory, but a coach helps you see past your own limiting beliefs and gives you a gentle kick in the pants to actually take action.

Coaching is about empowerment, transformation and co-creation.

What is money coaching and how is it different to just regular coaching?

Coaching is coaching.  Money coaching focuses specifically on your relationship with money, wealth and abundance.  I am also a QQI accredited Life & Business Coach which allows me to coach clients in multiple aspects of their lives.

There are 2 parts to money coaching.

The first part is known as the core process and takes 4 sessions.  The core process identifies, unravels and deals with your current beliefs, working out where they came from.  We then figure out which beliefs you want to keep and which beliefs you want to ditch.

The second part is the action part.  This is where we really get into the nitty gritty of how you spend your money, where it goes, where you want it to and developing a wealth building plan.

I also run Fix Your Finances classes which are free to eligible participants.  Contact DDLETB for more information.

Do you give financial and tax advice?

Money coaching is education and empowerment.   For accounting & tax advice in Ireland, I am happy to suggest Ruairi Devlin, Devlin & Associates.  For insurance and financial products in Ireland, I am happy to suggest Michael Teehan, Perklife.

I don't have any money but I'd love some money coaching; can you still help me?

I run scholarship programmes from time to time.  I also run free promotions for my books.  Join my mailing list, like my Facebook page, join my Facebook group and/or follow me on Twitter for more about these promotions.  My Fix Your Finances classes are free with DDLETB.

Why do you call your son No. 1?

Like most things in my life, they start with a joke.   My son is an adult and likes his privacy.  My story is not his story. His friends think I am weird enough as it is.   I'm also a closet Trekkie.  I love Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  He would refer to his second in command as No. 1.  I have one child, I created perfection, there was no need to reinvent the wheel.

This sounds amazing, how do I get started?

Click here to get started.

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