Facing fears is always easier said than done.

I finally faced my fear of the tax office and spent 2 hours on the phone ironing out a small thing that had been following me for ages.

Fear of the tax office is a common fear.  We often use the expression “The Tax Man” as if one person is waiting to pounce if we make ourselves visible.  My grandfather’s tax affairs took over 30 years to iron out posthumously.  There was nothing wrong; he died very suddenly and was not the most organised person.

Even though he died long before I was born, I subconsciously inherited this fear of dealing with the tax office.  Generational and ancestral trauma is real.  We inherit memories at a cellular level.

My tax returns are always submitted on time and usually in advance.  I am always 100% compliant but one small outstanding issue had been dragging on for months.  I kept putting it off, then I tried to call without success.  I then tried to raise an online enquiry that fell into a black hole.

Finally, I decided to call in and just get it done.  The person I spoke to was not able to help but gave me the right phone number to ring.  I installed myself in a coffee shop, got comfy, put my headphones in and sat on the phone with a helpful, patient woman in the right section.  I had been dealing with the wrong section all along.

She explained everything to me, talked me through what I needed to do, used clear language and offered me helpful advice.  She also made me feel good about myself.  She said that she deals with tax experts every day who have questions.  No one knows everything.

I had been beating myself up that I should know how to figure this out, I should know how to manage my tax affairs, I should be able to navigate the website, I should be able to understand the calculations, I should be 100% compliant and up to date.

The reality is that this was a tiny oversight that had just been overlooked in error.  No one was at fault.  I did not owe any money.  I use an accountant to help.

It’s safe to ask for help, it’s safe to hire a team, it’s safe not to know everything.  It’s safe to face your fears.  It’s safe to set yourself up for success and have good systems in place.  My favourite success system for money management is YNAB.

We cannot see our blind spots.  If you feel you need to reach out, why not book in for a chat?

After a very long, horrible flu that lasted almost 4 weeks, I finally went back to the gym today.  I would normally exercise 6 days a week like clockwork because I like it and it’s my comfort zone.  I have trained myself to wake at 6am every day and I go to bed at 10pm.  This routine gives me freedom and structure.

Many years ago, my comfort zone was debt because I had unconsciously trained myself for that space to be my comfort zone.  That was my economic zero.  The place that felt normal to me.

I have subsequently retrained myself to feel more comfortable building wealth and having positive, healthy bank balances.  That is now my new economic zero.  Even though my income suffered because of simply not being available, I have been able to maintain myself and my business without undue distress.

My question to you is – what is your economic zero?  What is your money comfort zone?  Once you identify it, you can push through it.  Repeat after me “It’s safe for me to be financially independent, it’s safe for me to build wealth, it’s safe for me to have more because the more I have, the more I can give and the more I give, the more I can have.”

What I have learned from being sick recently.

If you have been following me on social media, you will know that I have been smacked over the head with some smelly virus and have been quite unwell for a few weeks.

My temperature has been spiking at 38.8 C and occasionally, coming down to 36.8 C. Something in the middle today.
I may have a kidney infection – I feel like someone is kneeling on my kidney and has done so since last week.
The kidneys hold a lot of emotion. I was hurt and let down by someone I thought I trusted recently. Instead of losing my reason, I decided to do nothing but in doing nothing, I left the emotions unprocessed. I did not do any breath work, EFT, silent counselling, journaling or simply throwing things.
Unprocessed emotions get stuck in the body and have to manifest in some shape or form.
I am also doing a lot of up-levelling in my personal and business life. Whenever I do this, odd things happen because I am hugely out of my comfort zone.
I am taking my train the trainer Silent Counselling certification shortly and have a few other exciting projects on the horizon.
Silent counselling is a very gentle form of energy release using touch points and breathing. Drop me an email if you want to know more.
Sometimes things just happen and there does not have to be any deep metaphysical reason behind it.
I am going to the doctor later on today. There is only so much self-hypnosis I can do with myself.
I recommend reading Gay Hendricks book “The Big Leap” to find out more about upper limiting.
Today’s achievement is having a shower!
I have also been reminded of the importance of having more than one source of income and also having more than one source of passive income.  Passive income does not rely on your physical labour or input so get your thinking caps on and start thinking big.



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