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Four weeks and four hours to Fabulous Finances - that's all it takes

If you find the topic of MONEY overwhelming, you need to read this full email.

'' I am SO fed up with not earning or ever having enough money
I really need some SIMPLE guidance on how to manage my money better
I have no idea where my money vanishes each month
I never get to spend Quality time with my children or do anything FUN because of a lack of money ''

Do you feel like you are in a bit of a love/hate relationship with your money?

I can relate to all this as this used to be me.

My Story

I allowed myself to be in substantial debt twice because money had power over me, and I felt powerless over myself.

So what changed? I did.

I got so FED UP being FED UP.

I decided that enough was enough and money would no longer have power over me, and I took immediate action.

I am now gladly in a much better position, and I want to share the 4 SIMPLE steps I took to change everything, which you can do as well.

Week 1 - Decide
This might sound simple, and it is, but it's not easy.
Together we will work on identifying your big why that's absolutely unique to you.
When you believe it, you will see it.

Week 2 - Identifying the State of Your Current Money Mindset.
What are the conscious and unconscious beliefs that are holding you back?
Let's put powerful strategies in place to change those beliefs forever.

Week 3 - Your Personal Spending Plan
Money will go where you tell it. If you don't tell it what to do, it will find a new master.
We will establish healthy boundaries for wealth and success.

Week 4 - The Home Stretch
You are now well on your way to a strong financial foundation.
We will put together all that we have learned so far and make life easier by streamlining your money flow.

Prudence Moneypenny Coaching

To really get an idea if you are a good fit for this programme, please just
book a call with me via zoom as I will get specific, very specific on the one SERIOUS ISSUE I used to change Everything.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Book A Call With Me


After the call, I will be giving you a little BONUS action planner that has totally transformed my habits around money.
And you can start using it straight away to make those little changes that can have a massive impact on your Life and Money.

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