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3 Secrets to Creating Long-Term Wealth for Beginners

Learn how to get your money working for you, no matter what your starting point is

Wednesday, August 18th @ 7pm BST/2pm EDT/11am PDT

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Are you delaying your future because you feel unsure about what to do with your money?

Would you like to get started investing but you don’t have a clue?

Do you find the whole financial world confusing, and this stops you from taking action on your money?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Get ready to finally “sort your money” & create your wealthy life



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I’ve managed to stay with FitFlex 3 times a week, for over 6 months now, and I owe it all to the classes that make you fall in love with the process.

Lizzie Thompson

I was introduced to FitFlex many years ago, twenty pounds ago in fact. I see a huge benefit with their combination of workout and goal setting.

Emma Velasquez

Meet Aoife Gaffney

Lorna Poole is an iPEC Certified Coach, currently training as an AFCPE Accredited Financial CounselorĀ®.

Lorna teaches beginners how to create and build long-term wealth by giving them the confidence, knowledge and understanding to learn how to put their money to work and reach their dreams of financial independence.

Lorna is a mum of two when she is not busy helping her clients reach their FREEDOM goals. She is at home running around after two kids under 4!!!

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