What I have learned from being sick recently.

If you have been following me on social media, you will know that I have been smacked over the head with some smelly virus and have been quite unwell for a few weeks.

My temperature has been spiking at 38.8 C and occasionally, coming down to 36.8 C. Something in the middle today.
I may have a kidney infection – I feel like someone is kneeling on my kidney and has done so since last week.
The kidneys hold a lot of emotion. I was hurt and let down by someone I thought I trusted recently. Instead of losing my reason, I decided to do nothing but in doing nothing, I left the emotions unprocessed. I did not do any breath work, EFT, silent counselling, journaling or simply throwing things.
Unprocessed emotions get stuck in the body and have to manifest in some shape or form.
I am also doing a lot of up-levelling in my personal and business life. Whenever I do this, odd things happen because I am hugely out of my comfort zone.
I am taking my train the trainer Silent Counselling certification shortly and have a few other exciting projects on the horizon.
Silent counselling is a very gentle form of energy release using touch points and breathing. Drop me an email if you want to know more.
Sometimes things just happen and there does not have to be any deep metaphysical reason behind it.
I am going to the doctor later on today. There is only so much self-hypnosis I can do with myself.
I recommend reading Gay Hendricks book “The Big Leap” to find out more about upper limiting.
Today’s achievement is having a shower!
I have also been reminded of the importance of having more than one source of income and also having more than one source of passive income.  Passive income does not rely on your physical labour or input so get your thinking caps on and start thinking big.



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