31st March 2024

What is your new economic zero?

After a very long, horrible flu that lasted almost 4 weeks, I finally went back to the gym today.  I would normally exercise 6 days a week like clockwork because I like it and it’s my comfort zone.  I have trained myself to wake at 6am every day and I go to bed at 10pm.  This routine gives me freedom and structure.

Many years ago, my comfort zone was debt because I had unconsciously trained myself for that space to be my comfort zone.  That was my economic zero.  The place that felt normal to me.

I have subsequently retrained myself to feel more comfortable building wealth and having positive, healthy bank balances.  That is now my new economic zero.  Even though my income suffered because of simply not being available, I have been able to maintain myself and my business without undue distress.

My question to you is – what is your economic zero?  What is your money comfort zone?  Once you identify it, you can push through it.  Repeat after me “It’s safe for me to be financially independent, it’s safe for me to build wealth, it’s safe for me to have more because the more I have, the more I can give and the more I give, the more I can have.”

Copyright 2024 Aoife Gaffney t/a Prudence Moneypenny Coaching
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