10th June 2020

Coping with cabin fever

I’m about to go quite mad! Cabin fever is setting in.

However, thank heavens for my Kindle.

90% of my books are still in boxes. I packed up my old house in August 2017, moved to my new house, unpacked in September 2017 and then repacked in January 2018 for renovations.

I love free stuff. My books are free from today until Monday on Amazon Kindle

I also get lots of free books from BookBub. I get a daily email with offers.

I can’t do some of the things I love doing do such as tidy my sock drawer (no drawer and socks in boxes), clean the kitchen (I haven’t got a kitchen), vacuum the carpet (floors are bare concrete), read a physical book (I’d have to find it), cook (no kitchen remember).

I sold my television about a year ago and I have not missed it until the last few days. Then again, I haven’t got a sofa or chair to sit on either. Arghhh

However, there is always my trusted Kindle and free books.

I have signed up for 30 day free trials for Amazon Audible and Prime Video.

That should keep me going until I can physically make outside my front door.


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