Identify your thoughts

What do you believe about money?

Explore your emotions

How you feel about money?

Understand your actions 

What you do with your money?

What is money coaching?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to never worry about money again? Aoife makes it easy to master your money.

Money Coaching is about our money mindset. It goes deep into the worlds of personal finance (the money) and psychology (the mindset). Coaching explores your unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviours around money through a step by step process. Neurons that fire together wire together. That’s how habits are formed, some are good, and some are bad.

The habits that we learn as children, hardwire our minds to behave in a certain way around money as adults. This hardwiring is our belief system. It tells us what we believe to be “true” and that then shapes our patterns of behaviour as adults.

Money management is simple but it’s not easy. You need more in and less out. That’s it but it gets complicated because money is emotional, and emotions can be hard to manage.

If money is a hard subject for you to talk about, coaching can help.

The simple equation of “more in less out” does not take into account the hardwired, underlying beliefs and patterns that you have about money.
Coaching will help you get clear about your unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.
Once we have identified the beliefs and behaviours around money that are not serving you, the next step is creating lasting positive change.

Have you questioned your current beliefs ?   These are the driving forces that are currently dictating your relationship with money.
Coaching will support you to develop a positive and healthy relationship with your money so that it works for you to bring your financial peace and freedom


One to One

One to One

What you believe about money?

Improve your relationship with money by deep diving into the financial, mental, and emotional aspects of how money affects your life before offering practical and proven money management techniques.
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Aoife also works with couples. She will improve your relationship with money (and hopefully each other) and make sure both people are 100% clear and confident in their future together with practical and proven money management techniques.
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