time for change

Mind your language


It’s time for change.

Are you aware of the words you use around money?

Are you aware of your own language around money?

I was working with a client last week and she mentioned she “throws” money at a family member that she takes care of.  She meant in a very kind, affectionate way but it came across as being careless and almost that she did not like money.

When we unravelled her story, her beliefs around money were coming from a place of lack and no self-worth.  She did not feel worthy of having money.  This had become her story and this was the first step to changing that story.

Her new words are “give, gift, bestow, bequest, share, offer”.  Her new mantra is “the more people I help, the more money I make.  The more money I have, the more I can give.”

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